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Studio photography

for small products


This is our newest portfolio! We specialize in small products and pack a lot of creative potential onto our shooting table:

  • Subject research and branding guidelines

  • Graphic Design, photo-forward Packaging

  • Set Design, including Props and Styling

  • Practical, sometimes even Special Effects

  • Studio flash and/or high-output LED Lighting

  • Articulate Light Control, tons of modifiers & grip 

  • Four excellent Macro Lenses

  • High-resolution imaging from Sony A7R V, III & II including deep color capture, focus stacking, composite editing, still and moving images

  • Careful, thorough, consistent editing with one free  round of revisions

  • Appropriate mastering and outputting for multiple publication environments


To find flavor and 

hospitality wherever we go - 

we share and celebrate food!


We mix excellent lenses,

advanced lighting, and

expressive editing into your

culinary creativity.


We seek chefs, brewers, bakers, farmers, craft producers... and all those working to nourish their communities.

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