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Camera Operator | Drone Pilot | Assistant Camera | Grip

Call/Text: (414) 943-3599


Like many people in the film industry, I transitioned here from a career in photography.

I feel lucky that I developed a passion for photography during my personal years of travel abroad. At the very start, I realized that people are my inspiration to create. I get excited when I create for people that believe in their story. I get excited when I work on projects that have a positive impact on others. I get excited at the opportunity to work with and learn from other talented creators. Although I’ve come a long way since first picking up a Canon 5Dmk ii in 2013, I see myself as a lifelong learner always seeking new outlets for growth, connection, and creation.



I view every challenge as a new opportunity to bring my best, both personally and professionally, to every person I meet and every single thing that I do. I have 5 years of experience co-managing my production company, as well as freelancing in-parallel for the broadcast and filmmaking industries. I have, at one time or another, held all the roles that exist throughout the production process. So, whether you need help shooting cross coverage, collecting b-roll, running sound, setting-up interviews, operating the drone, directing the action, managing a client, bouncing ideas about the edit, or if you just need someone to grab you a coffee and tell you that things are going great, I can make it happen.

Labor Rate - White
Gear Rate-White


Wisconsin Foodie (Public Television Show)
• Positions: Camera Operator, Drone Pilot, Grip, Audio
• Clients: Wisconsin PBS
• Reference: Arthur Ircink (Creator/Producer) | (414) 491-7161

Discover MediaWorks (Production Company)
▪ Positions: Producer, Director, Camera Operator, Drone Pilot, Editor
▪ Clients: Stoughton Trailers | Buck & Honey’s | Volm | Johnsonville
▪ Reference: Bill Patton (Director/Producer) | (608) 577-8206

ILevel Media (Production Company)
▪ Positions: Camera Operator, Drone Pilot
▪ Clients: John Deere | GE Medical | Magical Manoa Documentary
▪ Reference: Todd Dacquisto (Director/Partner) | (414) 520-9427

Dan T Peters (Director of Photography)
▪ Positions: Camera Operator, Drone Pilot, Grip
▪ Clients: Lion TV | Truly Youtube Series
▪ Reference: Dan Peters | (262) 960-4326

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