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Producer | AD | G&E |  Sound

Call/Text: (608) 334-9223



Responsibility - Personal, Professional & Teamwork

I believe I’m socially responsible for the media that I help to make. I strive to always hold myself to higher standards of truth, respect, and purpose. As I gain experience and agency in my career, I choose to work with others who share my values in the pursuit of empowering audiences with better stories, better education, better communities, and better frameworks for health and happiness. I am mindful of race, class, culture, ability, agency, and other personal realities. Kind and compassionate, empathetic and emotionally mature, I am a strong communicator and experienced in facilitating creative projects with strangers from around the world. 

I seek to imbue these values into the teams I work in and the stories I enable. I do not assume more responsibility than is my share or role, but I work to empower audiences to make their own conclusions and bring their own truth to the story. I do not wish to manipulate perspectives dishonestly or misrepresent people’s realities. I bring a teacher’s spirit and believe that I have something to learn from everyone. I have become an experienced translator between specialists in a team, as well as between experts and general audiences.


Line Producer - Field Producer - Assistant Director

I thrive behind the scenes and am happy to work in roles without direct creative control. I focus on helping deploy the means of production in service of the story and team. I have successful experiences in leadership roles, but I thrive working with teams to serve the director’s vision and story’s point. My career goal is to transition away from entertainment and towards educational stories that are environmentally important.

With experience in Interdisciplinary Research, Media Theory, Photography, Technical Writing, Graphic Design, Civil Rights Documentary, Narrative Filmmaking, Broadcast Television, and Commercials of all kinds - I am a skilled communicator in many mediums. I can support the creative goals of any project through research, logistics, documentation, budgeting, team building, production plans, scheduling, equipment management, dynamic fieldwork including the skills listed below, coordinating post workflows, and managing distribution. I have recently gravitated toward the roles of Field Producer, Equipment and Studio Manager, and Lighting Technician.  


Food & Hospitality - Studio & Product - Plants & Nature

I have been using cameras for over 20 years. After taking Intro to Photography in college, I worked as an academic apprentice helping to teach it for six more semesters. There I developed a deep foundation in making images and in teaching, which I further strengthened throughout my interdisciplinary education. I understand my tools deeply and my subjects broadly. In my personal life, I focus on macro photography with a passion for the infinite yet familiar patterns of nature and life. I also have lots of experience in portraiture, landscape, travel/journalism, music, and abstract fine art. Professionally, I focus on Architecture, Food, and Products.

I came up through Photography as a way of understanding the world around me, not as a way of projecting myself onto the world.


Film G&E, Documentary, Journalism, Photography

I have experience with a wide range of lighting and grip tools and techniques in the studio and the field. 
I have a careful eye for consistency, efficiency, and safety. I save time and space with excellent spatial reasoning, trained color perception, and strong aesthetic awareness. I bring skills and sensibilities that comfortably adapt to new subjects, environments, and directors. I think that good gaffing is like good drumming - 
it becomes the foundation on which the other creative channels of visual storytelling sing. 

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Recording for Film, Doc, TV & Journalism

I recorded my first and last song when I was 14, and during that session I decided I wanted to become a sound engineer. After interning at Studio La Buissonne in the South of France at 19, I returned to college where I continued as a Sound Designer for indie films, home studio music recordings, and fieldwork for student documentaries mentored by UWEC and Framline International Film Festival in San Francisco.


My path eventually took me towards cameras, but I still run sound on many projects, most recently a documentary about a spiritual journey into rural Columbia. I bring careful attention and a strong foundation in physics and electronics to the work. While not fully trained and experienced by film standards, I am proficient with a variety of workflows and can record quality audio for documentary and TV productions.


Design & Workflow - Maintenance - Logistics - Use

Between my jobs at UWEC and Champlain College, I have managed four different studios empowering countless productions. From music to photo, film, and multi-cam broadcast - I have many specific skills and technical expertise that make me an excellent Studio Manager.


I love building an environment where I can control every creative variable, and take the time to investigate and develop new methodology. Moreover, I love to facilitate that experience for others - to co-create spaces that amplify communities, stories, and knowledge.


Management - Maintenance - Consulting - Education

From 2014 - 2018 I worked at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, where I was responsible for $500,000 of production equipment, three studios, and ten student employees. I took the job because it was an opportunity to rebuild their rental operation from the ground up. Over the next four years, I significantly improved both the college’s operational capabilities and the students’ production experience. My team and I worked hard to instill a culture of respect and care for the college’s equipment by training students to store, transport, and use it successfully. Since then, I’ve designed equipment inventories and SOPs for several companies. ALA Pictures maintains $100,000 of production equipment covering a wide range of filmmaking and photographic workflows.

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