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Love Songs to Carlito

Early on in our trip I once joked that the whole thing is going to become a love song to Carlito.

Along the way we have met many wonderful musical people.

And because music matters so much, we ask our new friends to make playlists for Carlito.

We hope you enjoy exploring the world of musical passions, potential, and perspectives as much as we do.

Grass for the Cabbage Boys!

We met Ryan over a box of Triscuits, a cabbage sandwich, and a pair of jortz.

It was the 4th of July,

And we became great friends!

Turns out he's an incredible fiddle player!

Watch Ryan's live performance in a cabin during the 43rd Girdwood Forest Fair, Alaska July 2018

Cabbage Sandwich

(Made in Canada)

Summer Solstice
Carlito in whitehorse

We met Kirsten at the Major Funk show in Whitehorse.

Kirsten is responsible for such following adventures as:

​Coffee, Water, Ceaser at the Airport Challet

The Microwave in The Pit in Dawson City

Summer Solstice at Sign Post Hill in Keno City,

The Road to the Edge of the World

Danielle is an old musical friend


We worked side by side and listened to many things

I've always been grateful for her musical influence in my life, so naturally I asked her to send me a playlist for the trip.

Daniellle I_2_28_472.jpg
BC Forest Fire

(A Big Mess of Everything)

Mike, By Candice at

Hear what Mike, Matt, and Carlito jammed to on the drive from Wisconsin to Alaska and southward forever - to new horizons of music!


Long live Carlito!

...Play this one on shuffle...

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